S02E22: Behind the Scenes at MRC: Mike and Izabela Russell

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The World of Audio with Mike & Izabela

The World of Audio with Mike & Izabela

Music Radio Creative’s Mike and Izabela Russell join our host Kyran Mountain to talk about working together on MRC, the best tools they’ve used, and using the Periscope app for podcasting. They also have a special announcement!

Top Quotes From Mike:

  • “We do have highs and lows just like anyone.” [on working together]
  • “I’ve always been interested in changing audio and making it sound as different as I possibly could – to the annoyance of my parents.”
  • “It’s very much on the interviewer as well as the interviewee to make a podcast flow really well.”
  • “We’re working on a conference, which is happening in Manchester, UK, this September – called New Media Europe – and it’s very applicable to the Audio Production Show audience… it’s learning about things like blogging, podcasting, online video, how to use social media in an effective way…”
  • “When I write things down, they get done and I get to the end of the day, and I’ve crossed them all off, and I feel really good. Somehow when you put them electronically down, it doesn’t have so much of an effect.” [on using a notebook]
  • “Now, I very rarely watch regular news. When I want to know about something that’s breaking, I’ll go to Twitter before I’ll go to the telly or the radio.”

Top Quotes From Izabela:

  • “We try to keep each other accountable.” [on their morning meetings]
  • “What we absolutely love is the fact that we can make every day different.” [on working at MRC]
  • “I think that we are very fortunate to actually complement each other on many, many different levels… it took us pretty much a good part of the last three years to get where we are today.” [on working together]
  • “One plus one does not equal two.” [on having their second baby]
  • “I’m very, very thrilled to announce that Mike and I are going to be back behind the mics from October this year.”
  • “You simply feel a little bit more accountable to yourself.” [on writing down her tasks on a notebook]
  • “I think this is going to revolutionise the way we consume media.” [on Periscope]
  • “For anyone who’s working for themselves, you do have to have a good balance, sort of work-life balance, and making sure you look after yourself.”
  • “Traditional media is very much about now.” [on new media shifting to live events instead of recorded ones]

Tools & Resources:

Periscope Podcasting: Discussion on Using the Periscope App

Check out this video of Mike, Izabela & Kyran discussing how to use the Periscope app for podcasting. To get even more tips, follow @imikerussell, @izabelarussell and @kyran on Periscope for iOS and Android!

Key Timestamps:

  • [00:16] – Host Kyran Mountain opens the show by introducing and welcoming the episode’s guests, Mike and Izabela Russell
  • [01:38] – Mike and Izabela describe their different roles at Music Radio Creative
  • [02:39] – Their typical hectic day at MRC
  • [04:14] – What it’s like working with each other and the advantages/disadvantages of working with one’s spouse
  • [06:02] – The story of how Mike and Izabela started MRC
  • [07:34] – The changes in their business and how they work with the arrival of their little ones
  • [08:07] – On recording podcasts with a baby around
  • [08:49] – Kyran talks about his experience hosting season 2 of the Audio Production Show
  • [10:09] – Mike and Izabela’s special announcement
  • [10:47] – Mike talks about putting their energies into making the New Media Europe conference happen in September
  • [11:53] – The essential tool that Mike and Izabela cannot live without
  • [13:32] – How Mike and Izabela use their daily notebooks
  • [14:39] – On using Apple watches
  • [15:39] – Other pieces of technology that Mike and Izabela use for their business
  • [16:11] – On using the Periscope app
  • [18:46] – Periscope as a new way of consuming media and interacting with anyone in the world
  • [20:04] – On vertical-mode videos, particularly Periscope
  • [22:16] – Mike and Izabela’s thoughts on new media shifting to live events because of new technology and apps like Periscope
  • [24:14] – Izabela on being a fan of the Jillian Michaels and meeting Jillian
  • [24:47] – Other podcasts that Izabela listens to nowadays
  • [25:52] – Where to find Mike and Izabela online
  • [27:17] – Kyran gives a shout-out to MRC’s amazing audio specialists
  • [28:24] – Izabela on being back in front of the microphone after a break
  • [28:49] – Kyran thanks Mike and Izabela for the opportunity to host the Audio Production Show
  • [29:39] – Kyran wraps up season 2 of the Audio Production Show and thanks everyone who was part of the show
  • [31:08] – Kyran thanks all the amazing guests he’s had on the Audio Production Show

Find Mike & Izabela Online!

– Follow Mike and Izabela on Periscope and Twitter: @imikemussell and @izabelarussell! You can also visit Mike’s personal website: Mike-Russell.com.
– Follow Music Radio Creative on Twitter (@musicrcreative) or visit MusicRadioCreative.com.
– Listen until the end of the show to get a special Music Radio Creative offer!

S02E21: Science Fiction Podcasting: Remi Lavictoire

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Remi Lavictoire

Remi Lavictoire is a veteran of the radio world, working on air in multiple formats, including Adult Contemporary, Album-oriented rock and New Country. Remi left the radio industry when the widespread adoption of voice tracking and automation started.  He stayed involved in voice work, doing commercials, PSAs, and podcast intros/extros.

In 2013, Remi started The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast with co-hosts Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon.  Now, with over 100 episodes in, he is planning to launch more podcasts in the sci-fi realm under the newly created Sci-Fi Podcast Network.

Top Quotes From Remi Lavictoire:

  • “I was waiting for podcasting before I knew I was waiting for podcasting.”
  • “If I was going to do a podcast, it had to be something that I really loved and I knew I could do for a while.”
  • “I wanted to be able to talk about science fiction, but do it in a way that’s intelligent and fun and gives a chance for people to learn a little bit more about movies that they might not already know.”
  • “That first shift turned into regular overnight shifts.”
  • “The neat thing about working overnights in radio is that the CRTC has no regulations.”
  • “I want to work with wave because it’s better quality.”
  • “Coming from a radio background, audio quality is really important.”
  • “Mono signal for podcasting is still the best way to go.”
  • “The biggest thing that I focus on… I’m really keen about levels and making sure that all of our co-hosts are running at the same levels.”
  • “Nothing turns off a listener faster than bad levels.”
  • “What I love about Auphonic is that it goes through, takes my entire show as a wave, and it does all the normalization, all the leveling… it does some compression, cleans up some of the noise in the background if it finds it, and then it automatically posts it to my LibSyn as a 96k MP3.”
  • “Everybody’s got their preference… and I think that when you find something that works, you use it.”
  • “Find the content that you love… make sure that you’re podcasting about the stuff that you’re passionate about.”
  • “Start learning from the people who really know the industry… Cliff Ravenscraft, Daniel J. Lewis, Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson… because they’re going to point you in the right direction.”
  • “Look for people that you can learn from. Reach out to other communities, reach out to other podcasters, share your content and don’t think of other podcasters—who are doing the same thing as you—don’t think of them as competition; think of them as allies.”
  • “I think there’s enough listeners and enough content to go around and I think the best way is to share it.”

Tools & Resources:

Key Timestamps:

  • [00:32] – Host Kyran Mountain introduces and welcomes the episode’s guest Remi Lavictoire
  • [02:37] – Remi talks about how The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast started
  • [03:47] – A sneak peek at what they do at The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast with a Godzilla example
  • [05:09] – Remi’s co-hosts on The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast and how they all got together
  • [06:39] – Remi recalls his broadcasting background and how he got started in radio
  • [07:47] – His first accidental radio show
  • [08:45] – His radio name and how he got it
  • [10:02] – Doing the overnight radio shifts
  • [11:10] – Discovering music during his radio stint such as the song Flip Into The A Side by the band Cats Can Fly
  • [12:55] – Tools and resources that Remi uses for his podcast
  • [13:04] – How they use Google documents for pre-show and during the show
  • [14:23] – Doing triple-enders
  • [16:08] – The routine that Remi and his co-hosts do at the beginning of the show to help with editing
  • [19:26] – Audio editing stuff Remi learned from radio producers he’s worked with
  • [22:27] – Experimenting with recording in Google Hangouts
  • [23:47] – On using Auphonic
  • [26:36] – Hardware that Rem uses
  • [28:18] – Comparing the USB and the XLR port
  • [30:42] – Remi’s advice for new podcasters or new media broadcasters
  • [33:02] – Where to find Remi online
  • [34:00] – Kyran thanks Remi and wraps up

Get more from Remi online:

Up next…

It’s going to be a very special episode next week, as Kyran chats to Music Radio Creative’s very own Mike and Izabela Russell :) MRC’s creators have a very special announcement!

S02E20: Only Compete With Yourself: Roberto Blake

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Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a graphic designer, digital artist and YouTuber who has built a brand around educating and inspiring creative professionals and students. He does this through his YouTube Channel and his website. He also has two podcasts coming up this year!

Top Quotes From Roberto Blake:

  • “I’m always interested in dealing with other people who are out there creating awesome.”
  • “Whether you’re doing YouTube, whether you’re doing audio production, I think that a big part of success that people overlook is how much marketing and self-promotion has to go into it to really get that to scale and to be successful.”
  • “YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.”
  • “If you want to be successful in Google, going with a YouTube strategy can definitely be a very big part of that.”
  • “From a marketing standpoint, there’s nothing like the experience of seeing someone face to face.”
  • “I will have over 10, 20, 40% engagement on a video sometimes… and people ask questions, and that builds other videos.”
  • “The average view on a website in terms of the page view time is under two minutes… you can go double or triple that with a video on YouTube.”
  • “I ask people… ‘What are you interested in? What do you need to know? What can I give you?’ And so I know exactly where to target people and what videos to put out.”
  • “I guess I was so afraid to fail at being a cartoonist that it prompted me to put all my eggs into being successful at design and business. And it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.”
  • “I tell people to have the confidence and have the faith to go after the things you love.”
  • “By the time I left high school, I’d probably built like over 50 websites.”
  • “Your body of work is important.”
  • “You have 365 days in a year; that’s 365 opportunities, every year, to present your body of work… and show you can deliver.”
  • “I don’t get into years of how much experience someone has. If you’re creating something awesome every day, two years you can crush someone who’ve been at it at a decade.”
  • “Quality work over everything else. You build tremendous results, people believe in it.”
  • “You don’t wait until you have a degree to start into your profession.”
  • “Businesses will come to you; job employers will come to you, if you’re creating the results that they want and you’re putting it out there to be seen.”
  • “You need to first prioritize delivering for the client because this is their business, this is their livelihood, this is their dream, and you need to put yourself in their shoes.”
  • “Relationships always scale when you do them correctly, from good intentions and the right motives.”
  • “I think that competition comes from a scarcity mentality, and that collaboration comes from an abundance mentality.”
  • “You’re only in competition with the best version of yourself.”
  • “I got some advice from Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative; I watched some of his tutorials on audio, I picked his brain about equipment… techniques that should be used, and I got my audio to a tremendous level.”
  • “Commitment is investment of money.”
  • “You figure out what can you offer that is either different or superior to what exists.”
  • “Believe in yourself and believe in other people.”
  • “Every interaction should be about creating value for other people.”

Tools & Resources:

Key Timestamps:

  • [00:28] – Host Kyran Mountain introduces the episode’s guest, Roberto Blake
  • [01:23] – Roberto talks about his YouTube Channel and what he covers in his videos
  • [02:49] – How and why Roberto got started with his YouTube Channel
  • [03:11] – YouTube videos as tools for engagement
  • [04:38] – Effects on page view times if you put a YouTube video on a webpage
  • [05:40] – Roberto talks about the engagement, attention and interest graphs
  • [06:25] – Using interests in creating videos
  • [07:17] – Roberto’s background in graphic design
  • [07:45] – How Roberto mass produced his own comic books by hand at 5-6 years old to sell to his classmates
  • [08:09] – Getting his first computer at 13-14 years old
  • [08:49] – Teaching himself HTML code
  • [10:13] – Doing websites for local businesses at 16 years old
  • [10:40] – On his original dream of becoming a cartoonist and animator
  • [11:26] – Roberto talks about still doing his personal digital art and getting recognized for it
  • [12:01] – Going to community college for graphic design
  • [12:43] – On creating something awesome every day
  • [14:02] – Roberto shares what he thinks is one of the biggest barriers for people
  • [15:18] – People that inspires Roberto
  • [18:40] – On having a legacy mentality and what he leaves behind
  • [20:19] – The importance of having empathy
  • [21:11] – On what it means to Roberto to have empathy for people working for him
  • [21:29] – Roberto wants people working for him to grow beyond him
  • [22:06] – On his philosophy statement on collaboration instead of competition
  • [24:24] – Roberto’s advice for someone just starting out on how to differentiate him/herself
  • [25:57] – On getting advice and tips from Music Radio Creative’s Mike Russell for audio production of Roberto’s YouTube videos
  • [26:34] – Roberto shares the tools that he uses to deliver on the value that he wants to create
  • [27:37] – How Roberto set his videos apart from others
  • [30:44] – On his “create awesome” philosophy
  • [31:16] – Roberto shares more nuggets of wisdom for those starting out
  • [32:47] – Where to find Roberto
  • [33:30] – Roberto signs off

Contact Robert:

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Listen until the end of our show for a special offer from Music Radio Creative, and stay tuned for the next episode; Kyran talks to Remi Lavictoire, a veteran in the world of radio!