S02E04: Don’t Fear to Fail: Fei Wu

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Fei Wu of Feisworld Podcast

Fei Wu of Feisworld Podcast

Today we have an amazing guest. Her name is Fei Wu from feisworld podcast, and she’s a Senior Digital Producer at Arnold Worldwide. She’s had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients including: SAP, Wellington Management Corporation, Fidelity, Reebok, IBM, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Timberland, SDL, American Eagle Outfitters, the University of Phoenix… the list goes on and on!

Fei received her B.S. in Computer Science and Math from Northeastern University. She has lived, worked and studied both in China and the United States. She speaks and writes English and Mandarin Chinese with native proficiency (for a year, she worked as a bilingual DJ at China National Radio). Apart from all this, she’s earned a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoys painting, calligraphy, yoga.

Top Quotes from Fei:

  • “Every time I release an episode, the phenomenon is that it’s a celebration of one’s life.”
  • “We are living in the age where it’s not about gifts, like physical products, anymore. It’s about the purchase of an experience; really immerse yourself and learn as much as possible.”
  • “I thought I was going to be a professional hockey player! This was after my dream of becoming a martial artist (which I still do, obviously) and becoming a professional skateboarder.”
  • “I do fail at something a little bit every day. In terms of big, big failures, I don’t think I ever looked at life that way.”
  • “I wish earlier on my career, I shouldn’t have doubted myself so much, and trusted my instinct and start doing something along this line in my early 20s.”
  • “It’s not really failure but fear that we all had.”
  • “One of my favourite questions to ask all my guests: What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?”
  • “Relax. Trust your instinct and know that the sky is really limitless.”
  • “Absorb the experience you have right then and there, and don’t worry so much, because your fear and your worrying will limit yourself from accomplishing the next big thing.”
  • “Be gentle, love and care about yourself a little bit more.”


Key Timestamps:

  • 00:33 Guest introduction
  • 02:37 Starting out as a podcaster
  • 07:45 Favourite tools & resources to create the show
  • 11:10 How Fei conducts her podcasts interviews
  • 12:02 What inspired Fei to do what she does
  • 17:35 The reason why Fei went to the U.S.
  • 21:25 Fei’s biggest learning experience
  • 22:55 A favourite question Fei asks her guests
  • 24:07 Advice to a 20-year-old Fei Wu
  • 25:30 More from Fei Wu

Fei Wu Wants to Hear from You!

Visit her at feisworld podcast and comment on what type of topics and questions you want to hear. She loves to engage and wants everyone to know that initiatives like Music Radio Creative provides the opportunity to learn about other people. You can also check her out on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

Stay Tuned…

Did you listen all the way until the end to receive our special offer? :) Next week we’ll be talking to Nicholas DiMeo. He’s a really cool tech guy! He’s kind of on the Windows side, but we won’t hold that against him because he knows his stuff!

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S02E03: Let’s Get Schooled in Podcasting: Dave Jackson (Part 2)

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Dave Jackson

It’s Part 2 with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. We’ll be chatting about why you’re starting a podcast, who your audience is, and really dig deeper into the world of podcasting. Plus, we’ll give you more details on the New Media Expo and some tips on attending the conference.

How You Can Prepare for the New Media Expo



It’s simple: bring paper and pencils. The amount of information and the things that you will learn during the sessions at the NMX are practically limitless. You’d also be surprised about what you can learn in the hallways after sessions, or just by hanging out! It’s definitely a huge learning experience, and the best way to take in as much as possible is to write it all down.

First-Time Podcasters

For people who would like to start podcasting, Dave suggests that you answer these questions:

  1. Why are you starting a podcast? If you don’t know the WHY, you’ll never figure out the HOW.
  2. Who’s your audience? If you know your target audience, you can deliver value and most importantly you will know how to entertain them.
  3. Focus on one subject/area and write down your ideas for your first 10 episodes.

Dave’s Biggest Learning Experience

For Dave, his biggest mistake was when he created a show just to make money―and did it because of a dare! The show was called the “Dates from Hell Show”, where people go on a date and share their most embarrassing moment. It was poorly thought-out, and as a result they failed to grow the audience. Eventually he had to take it down, as it became hard to produce and he wasn’t really enjoying it.

Fake It ’Til You Make It

You might not believe this, but Dave was actually more of an introvert when he was 15. He was almost fired from his job because he was too shy! Dave’s obviously not the same person now. His advice: Act the way you want to be, and someday you’ll be the way you act. If you want to podcast, don’t be afraid that you’ll look stupid or something like that, because after you think you did something out of character, you’ll realize that you’re still standing and you made it through.

Final Advice: You Can Always Change Your Podcast

Once you begin making your podcast, you may encounter roadblocks, difficulties and even failures. For example, if you’re not getting the audience that you wanted, don’t be afraid to change your podcast. A lot of podcasters like Michael Hyatt, Cliff Ravenscraft, Cali Lewis of Geek Beat TV, and Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty all began with a different podcast and are now very successful with their podcasts, which underwent change. So don’t be afraid to start and then go in a different direction if needed. Dave quotes Zig Ziglar’s well-known statement to wrap off the interview and to emphasise his point: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Want To Hear More from Dave?

Visit his website, School of Podcasting; join in the fun at Ask the Podcast Coach, live every Saturday at 10:30am EST; or learn more about the New Media Expo. Hope you enjoyed our two-part show with Dave, and as always, listen until the end of the episode to claim our special offer :)

Join us next week as we’ll be talking to Fei Wu, an amazing woman from Beijing. She now lives in the USA and is a digital producer and part-time podcaster. She’s also worked as a bilingual DJ and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! Stay tuned!

S02E02: How to Follow Your Passion with Podcasting: Dave Jackson (Part 1)

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Dave Jackson

Director of Podcasting at NMX: Dave Jackson

In this episode, we talked about the New Media Expo and what Dave Jackson is really passionate about.

What’s New with Dave Jackson?

We’ve talked to Dave before on the Music Radio Creative Podcast (Episode 32 and Episode 33), back in 2013. But a lot has changed since then!

  • Dave is now the Director of the New Media Expo
  • He’s launched his book, More Podcast Money
  • Co-hosted the Ask The Podcast Coach – a live show where they answer questions about podcasting
  • Created the Podcast Review Show, where podcasters can get their show reviewed
  • Got more than a million downloads of his podcast, The School of Podcasting
  • More importantly, he’s helped hundreds of people launch their successful podcasts

New Media Expo – NMX 2015 in Las Vegas

New Media Expo (NMX) is an annual convention that’s happening in April 2015. It’s a conference for all types of content creators, so if you’re a blogger, vlogger or podcaster, and you want to learn anything and everything related to new media, you have to be there! You’ll learn many amazing and useful things like how to start, monetize and grow your audience. Plus, what’s exciting about this year in particular is that NMX is working side by side with the National Association of Broadcasters. So to say that it’s going be a huge event is an understatement.

Adam Carolla, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast; Norm Pattiz, broadcasting entrepreneur; and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income are just some of the keynote presenters. Dennis Miller and Emily Morse will be hosting the 2015 Podcast Awards. Dave mentions how interesting this year’s NMX will be, as there will be a bunch of attendees from traditional broadcasting, who crossed over to new media (and vice versa).

Dave Jackson’s Life Passion

As mentioned earlier, Dave has created several podcast shows. Most of these are about podcasting, but he also covers other topics, namely Logical Weight Loss and Weekly Web Tools. His passion for these subjects is what inspired the podcasts.

Logical Weight Loss

Dave has been trying to lose weight since he was 25, and the Logical Weight Loss show was born out of his passion to live right, lose weight and live long. People like it because it’s coming from a person who is not a doctor, nor a fitness trainer, but simply a regular person who’s trying to lose weight.

Weekly Web Tools

Another passion of Dave’s is web design; he has been designing websites for many years now. He loves to geek out with software and new technology, and be creative with it. So he designed Weekly Web Tools to help people who want to build their website, get more traffic and convert sales without the need for technical knowledge. All you need to do is to point, click and be done with it.

Dave the Teacher

After receiving his Associate’s Degree in Electronics Engineering, Dave got a job as a copier technician, eventually moving into customer service, where he taught customers how to run the equipment (which was Dave’s first step into training). Dave’s passion for technology and teaching has moved him between different departments in the company. He has taught companies how to run giant scanners, gave classes on how to surf the Internet and many, many more subjects. Dave has been helping people to understand technology for more than 20 years now.

Tools to Purchase If You Only Had $500 to Start Podcasting

Digital Audio Workstation

Greatest Achievement in Podcasting

Dave is proud that his reputation led him to become the Director of Podcasting at New Media Expo. But it feels more rewarding when he gets to help people reach their goals and make their life a little better by them teaching them a new set of skills.

Who Do You Look up to for Inspiration?

Howard Stern for creating driveway moments, and Madonna, U2 or people who constantly chameleoned themselves over the years to stay relevant.

Stay Tuned…

Join us next week for Part 2 with Dave Jackson! (And don’t forget to listen right until the end of our show for the special offer!)