S02E17: All About Adobe Audition: Durin Gleaves

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durin gleaves

This week, Mike Russell is the host of the show! In this special episode, he interviews Durin Gleaves, the Product Manager at Adobe Audition. Find out all about this software that Mike’s been using (and loving) for over a decade…

Part of Adobe Creative Cloud’s offerings, Adobe Audition is a powerful sound editing program that enables you to record, edit and create audio content; it comes with great tools like waveform, spectral display, multitrack, a world-class sound remover, and noise reduction. It’s designed to accelerate audio and video production workflows and deliver the highest standards for audio quality!

Top Quotes from Durin Gleaves:

  • “The Audition team has seen a lot of new interest from audio for video post users… so we’re really getting to explore new ways of working with audio for video.”
  • “Our upcoming release offers a new feature: dynamic link video streaming.”
  • “It’s really being able to allow our users to use the best tool for the job (or the tool that they prefer), and just make sure that everything else eventually works as seamlessly and as integrated as we can make it.”
  • “All those stock presets that we ship with were really the result of two guys on the team, Dan & Matt, and they both have a great background in audio production… and I think they both had a little too much fun in designing and naming those presets!”
  • “We’re always looking at new opportunities… it’s a balance between what new workflow features do we put in and what new effects are people asking for, or what is something that maybe they’re not asking for?”
  • “Our bread and butter has always been… radio.”
  • “This was kind of an infamous bit of glamour, but any time Osama bin Laden would release a new tape, CNN would have their background graphics showing Audition’s spectral view.”
  • “Whereas most of the Adobe applications are visual media editors… with Audition, sound is key.”
  • “I’m a critical eye and I’m picking apart the experience all the time.” [On Adobe Audition’s UI.]
  • “You’d be surprised where Audition has been in use for years and years… anytime you’d watch shows… that are produced in the U.S., Audition’s right there in the production booth or in the post-production booth.”
  • “At the end of the day it’s just such a great audio production tool; I love it and I always have loved it, and I love talking to people about it.”

Tools & Resources:

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:27 – Introduction to a revolutionary piece of software
  • 01:58 – Adobe Audition’s integration with Premiere Pro
  • 04:16 – The story of presets & special effects
  • 06:42 – Sound remover vs. noise reduction
  • 09: 25 – Generate tones and noise features
  • 10:03 – What kind of people use Audition?
  • 12:22 – The beauty of Spectral Frequency Display
  • 14:14 – Changes to the visuals/UI of Adobe Audition
  • 19:19 – Questions from the podcasting community
  • 20:49 – Loudness tools in Adobe Audition
  • 24:04 – The software making appearances on TV
  • 24:53 – An Audition podcast is coming soon!
  • 26:56 – Get in touch with Durin & Adobe
  • 29:05 – Wrap-up & special offer

Contact Durin & Adobe Audition:

adobe audition

Stay Tuned…

Ready to get creative with Adobe Audition? You’ll need some audio first, so listen right until the end of the show to claim our special offer :) Our guest next week is Cesar Abeid, a podcaster, speaker & author!

S02E16: The Action Behind Audiobook Narration: Karl Jenkinson

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karl jenkinson

Karl Jenkinson is an actor, voice artist & audiobook narrator. He’s appeared in popular British TV shows such as EastEnders and Inspector Morse, and has done voice-overs for several documentary and reality TV series. Plus, he even created a character for a Sony Playstation game!

Karl regularly produces audio for clients in his own studio, including radio imaging, e-Learning, promos and audiobooks. He’s also done work for Fujitsu, Cisco, Cadbury, the British Army, Ford and BMW… outside of work, he has a Black Belt in Kamon Wing Chun Kung Fu and has a 9-foot-long custom-built Chopper!

Top Quotes from Karl Jenkinson:

  • “I had literally no idea about what I was supposed to do.” [on his first job]
  • “I sat down and started to narrate this script… it was pretty awful.”
  • “It’s an interesting story; it’s funny it’s witty, it’s powerful, it’s sad. There were several occasions when I narrated it and I had to stop – I was so choked up with the emotion of the narrative.”
  • “Some people use their iPads and obviously read them off their iPads, but I actually like the physicality of the paper script.”
  • “When you’re narrating a book, it’s a really personal relationship with the reader; it is one on one.”
  • “If you’ve got your earplugs in… in-ear listening – it can be a very, very intimate experience.”
  • “It is hard, hard work. If anyone wants to do an audiobook, I would recommend it but be under no illusions: it will probably be the most difficult thing you do.”
  • “The way I approach audiobook narration is the same way I would approach an acting role.”
  • “The key is consistency.” [With audiobooks]
  • “If you can give someone clean audio, that’s great. But if you put stuff into it, it’s like trying to remove eggs out of the cake after it’s cooked.”
  • “I’ve done auditions on smartphones… bizarrely.”

Tools & Resources:

Key Timestamps:

  • 1:20 – Karl makes a great entrance to the show!
  • 1:38 – Talking about Kung Fu
  • 2:50 – Long Chopper or Motorcycle talk
  • 4:30 – Where it all started for Karl
  • 4:50 – Talking about the game Black Monday, and motion capture in video games
  • 6:50 – How Karl got started in voice work
  • 7:30 – Karl’s first voice work in reality TV
  • 9:30 – Talking about standing vs. sitting for voice-overs
  • 10:40 – We switch the conversation to narrating audiobooks
  • 12:05 – Getting choked up about narrating Abide with Me
  • 19:20 – Recording from home and editing the audiobook editing himself
  • 20:32 – How long it takes to record an audiobook
  • 22:45 – Karl’s gear
  • 27: 24 – The best tool is Karl’s smartphone
  • 28:50 – People won’t book you off a demo

Want to Hear More From Karl?

Head over to his site, KJvox.com. Tweet him at @kjvoxcom, and check out his YouTube page!

Contest & Special Offer!

Stand a chance to win 1 of 5 free digital copies of the audiobook, Abide With Me. All you have to do is listen to the after-interview and then select the correct answer in this form.

We’ll announce the winners on June 5th (episode 18). You can also sign up for a free audiobook of your choice at audibletrial.com/MRC. A big thank you to Karl and Audible.com!

Bonus After-Interview with Karl Jenkinson

Stay Tuned…

For next week’s episode, Mike Russell will be our host! He’ll interview the Product Manager of Adobe Audition, Durin Gleaves. It’s a must-listen for all audio enthusiasts & professionals!

S02E15: Value Yourself as a Voice Artist: Chelsea Bates (Part 2)

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This the second part of our interview with Chelsea Bates (in studio). We chat about her struggles along the way; what she’s learned and enjoyed; and how to recognise and grab opportunities! If you haven’t heard Part 1 yet, please check it out here.

Top Quotes from Chelsea Bates:

  • “The biggest thing for me was to be hired by MRC.” [Her biggest success story]
  • “As a voice-over talent… you want to have recurring clients… you want to have clients that you don’t have to always audition for.”
  • “Do your best, let it go, and just hope something comes back to you.” [About sending demos]
  • “I started to get smart about what I auditioned for, so I wouldn’t just audition for anything.”
  • “If they don’t know that they want a female, chances are they’re probably going to go with a male.” [About clients voice-over choices]
  • “They help educate you all through the way.” [About having an agent]
  • “We devalue what we do… because we don’t know what we’re worth.”
  • “There are a lot of ways to get there and not every way is the same.”
  • “You got to get to know yourself for a while.” [About starting radio or voice-overs]
  • “It’s just something you do, because you like doing it, and it’s fun.” [About doing voice-over]
  • “You have to get used to how you sound… spend your time listening to yourself… read your scripts out loud.”
  • “Just have faith in yourself.”

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:35 –  Introduction
  • 01:30 –  Biggest success story
  • 03:18 –  About doing auditions, clients’ choices between male and female voices
  • 08:28 – Biggest failure / learning experience
  • 13:28 –  Advantages of having an agent
  • 15:37 –  The most interesting job story
  • 16:40 – Advice for people who want to work as a voice-over
  • 23:17 –  Where to find Chelsea in social media
  • 24:19 – Next week’s guest

Hear more from Chelsea:

You can find Chelsea on Twitter at @ChelseaTalksVO; catch her on the Social Media Examiner Show (she happens to be the host/presenter of the podcast); plus, don’t forget, you can order her voice for your custom audio – just head over to our site!

Stay Tuned…

If you want to use Chelsea (or any of our other talented voice artists) for your audio, listen until the end of our show for a special deal! Our next great guest is Karl Jenkinson, who works with audio books… without giving anything away, you might want to listen to that episode if you like free stuff 😉